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Wedding Cake Alternatives

For the truly offbeat couple who is planning a truly offbeat wedding, we present these truly offbeat alternatives to the traditional wedding cake.

Tiered Puddings and Mousses

Pre-chill wine or champagne glasses, and fill with:

* Chocolate, chocolate orange, lemon mousse
* Rice, coconut rice or wild rice pudding
* Raspberry, hazelnut or regular tiramisu
* White chocolate, key lime, blackberry or biscotti parfaits
* Heavy whipped cream, topped with sweet in-season berries

Tiered Pastries

Most people love cream puffs, and any more, they can come in a variety of shapes (not just round). Once you have enough, stack ‘em up! Other similar pastries to “stack up” include:

* Cinnamon rolls
* Funnel cakes
* Baklava
* Soufflés served in individual custard cups
* Cream horns, clairs, St. Joseph’s pastries, sfogliatelle, cannoli, napoleons, baba rum

If you want to be really odd, try using some of those direct-from-the-supermarket snack cakes. That’s right; a number of brides are stacking up their cake with these:

* Snow Balls, Suzy Qs, HoHos, Ding Dongs, Twinkies
* Krispy Crème donuts, Moon Pies

If none of these suit your fancy, you can try making a tiered pyramid shape out of

* Chocolate-dipped fruit
* Chocolate truffles
* Sugar cookies or brownies with your initials in cellophane wrappers
* Fancy pies: such as key lime, coconut custard, or (my favorite) peanut butter and white chocolate cream.

One caveat: Even if you choose one of these alternatives, try to keep the wedding-cake ceremony, as it’s a tradition that’s expected by everyone.
and ahh as you cut it together and feed each other.