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The Knot editor on choosing a wedding cake

And by far, it’s the oldest wedding cake ever found that still looks good! I don’t know if it’s still edible though. According to reports, while cataloguing the Ararat’s Langi Morgala Museum’s thousands of historical items, volunteers uncovered a piece of wedding cake posted to the region in 1911. The cake, still wrapped in wax paper and housed in a metal tin, was posted in a cupid wedding cake box to a J Hamilton at Tatyoon via Ararat in 1911.

Inside the tin, a card announced the marriage of Mr and Mrs Tim McInerney on May 24, 1911. While the postmark is not clear enough to determine where the cake was posted from, the five pence stamp indicates it was posted from somewhere in Australia. The piece of cake remains intact, with the artefact as a whole showing little signs of deterioration.


choosing your wedding cake: part 2

Hi girls! If you haven’t read part 1 of this series, I suggest you do. This post is a continuation of that post. Read ‘choosing your wedding cake: part 1′ HERE and then proceed with this post ^_^

Oh, you’re back! Okay then… Now that you have your wedding cake design, it’s time to think of its cost. Sometimes we have a design we really want but we just couldn’t afford it — and so we compromise. And when I say compromise, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get an ugly but affordable cake. We just have to be very creative on what adornments, icings, and ingredients to use. If you have no qualms about spending lots of money for your wedding cake, you can proceed to part 3 of this series. But, with the economic crisis going on, I’m sure all brides want their dream wedding cake with the cheapest price possible ;-)

Number 1, to cut down cost, try to adorn your cake with fresh fruit and flowers — the cheapest alternatives since handmade gum paste or sugar paste decorations are expensive coz it’s more labour intensive. Number 2, fondant icing is more expensive than the usual buttercream icing. But the truth is, intricate wedding designs can also be done using buttercream. Number 3, if you really want fondant, sacrifice the size of your wedding cake. Have the pretty and intricate fondant cake you want on display while serving a buttercream version to your guests. Remember, FRESH adornments + BUTTERCREAM icing + SMALLER size = CHEAPER wedding cake — in the design you want!


choosing your wedding cake: part 1

Heya brides and brides wannabe! Today we are starting a 3-part series that will help you choose your dream wedding cake. While most girls dream of their wedding day (with detailed plans on everything), there are still women out there who have no clue about weddings. And if you stumbled on this site looking for guidance in choosing your wedding cake, you’re in luck! =)

The most important step in choosing a wedding cake is determining your wedding cake DESIGN. If you have a theme / motif, go along with it. For example, if you’re having a pink fairy tale theme, the best wedding cake design would be royalty-based or maybe design it like a castle with the prince and princess on top. If you’re a minimalist kind of person, you can choose a simple white cake and just add coloured bling to adorn it.

If you have absolutely NO idea on the design you want, view photos of wedding cakes online or in cake books. See as many designs and colours as possible then save the ones you like. Also, it would be helpful if you make a list of what you like or don’t like in a wedding cake. Bring the cake photos you like and your list to your wedding cake baker — she’ll suggest on how to merge all your likes into one vision. And voila! You now have your wedding cake! ^_^


what to feed your thousand wedding guests?

A SHIT CAKE! Yup, you read it right! And I’m not joking! In the video below, a man is looking for a wedding cake, comes across a bakery, and had a cake tasting. He asks the bakery employee if they can make a wedding cake that will feed a thousand people. And stunningly, she replies, “You have good cake on display, and they will eat shit cake.”