Pop Recipe

Christmas Cake Pop Recipe: How to make Cake Pops?

Cake Pops look really very yummy and mouthwatering. Let’s see How to Make Cake Pops.

1) Firstly, bake a cake of any flavour you like. Or you can use the BabyCakes Pop Maker to make your life easier and skip directly to Step 5.
2) Then crush the cake and add 2 cups of frosting to it.
3) Then mix the cake and frosting to form Cake Pop batter.
4) Make small balls from the batter. This forms the basis of your cake pop shape. So if you want you can also use different moulds.

5) After your done forming balls put them in the freezer for an hour or so.
6) Now while they freeze, let’s get ready with Candy Melts. Melt them in Microwave or Chocolate Melting Machine.
7) Finally, take out the cake pop balls from the fridge and take a lollipop stick and first dip it into melted chocolate.
8) Then, poke 2/3 of it in the cake pop ball. Make sure you don’t break through the cake ball.
9) Dip the cake pop ball in the melted chocolate, making sure it’s entirely covered with melted chocolate.
10) Let the excess chocolate drip off the cake pop, to avoid the unwanted mess.
11) Allow the chocolate to cool down and set properly.
12) You can also add your own flavours and textures with cake decorating the set.
13) And here it is. Ready to eat yummy cake pops.