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Weddings are an occasion which we all love and cherish. For girls, weddings are something which we plan right from the times we were young. Apart from all the other dreams we have weddings are dearest to us. We have planned out our weddings from the time we were young; we know what our choices of flowers are, the location of the wedding and the selection of jewelry. Our dress would be the most exciting thing we have ever dreamed.  The one thing that scares us the most is the thought of who will be the one who will marry us. That person is the missing link to the entire story which we had built up in our minds our whole life. If that person is not of our choice, then the whole dream is shattered. But if the individual perfectly fits the missing link then there no greater joy in the world at that moment.
In many cultures weddings are celebrated splendidly. The following are some of the weddings which were one of the most lavish weddings in the world.

Prince Charles and Diana.
  • Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia.
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton.
  • Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin.

Prince Charles and Diana:
Prince Charles and Diana

The wedding took place in the year 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral, London. The wedding is a said to be one of the most awaited and beautiful weddings of all time. The wedding broadcasted to 750 million TV viewers, and many notable people were extravagant. The Royal families from all over the world attended the wedding. There were around 3500 people who witnessed the wedding live. Princess Diana was wearing about 100p pearls, and the wedding was just brilliant. But still, it is known that the couple was not happy with each other.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia:
Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia

Vanisha Mittal was the daughter of one of the wealthiest man in India. The wedding was held in Paris, and many famous artists were paid about $330,000 to perform for just half an hour in the wedding. After the wedding, the fireworks launched in the from the Eifel tower was quite a thing to watch. Even this marriage did not last quite long.

Prince William and Kate Middleton:
Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Royal wedding which took place recently was one of the best weddings in the world. It was known as the marriage of the century. The ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey, and after the wedding, the couple went around the streets of London in a horse carriage. William and Kate are brilliant together, and they have two adorable children.

Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin:
wayne rooney

We all know Wayne Rooney as the footballer who is loved by everyone, He happened to marry Coleen, and they had an extravagant wedding. The couple spent around eight million dollars for the wedding, and Rooney had arranged private jets to fly his guests from all around the world. The couple is happy together and has three boys now.


designer cakes


A great wedding can be measured by a few elements. These elements often are; the venue, the entertainment, and perhaps most important, the wedding cake.

wedding cake

Designs and themes for wedding cakes are traditionally elegant and illustrious. Aside from captivating guests with a scrumptiously tasting cake, the appearance is even more vital when it comes to providing a great cake.

Each design below captures the requirements for a great cake. They are by all accounts, imaginative, elegant, and delicious.

Without these compositions involved, you do not have a successful and memorable wedding. Sounds brash, and rather harsh, but it is reality. This is the big day, and it’s time for the cake to make it by all means, significant.

Number 3: Creative Cake Combo

This cake is by definition, magnificent. It’s impressive two-tier styled with confetti makes it a pleasing spectacle, while keeping guests anxious to carve in.

What makes this to die for is the Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes that lining up throughout the design. Placing these cupcakes around the main event gives an appetizing appeal. Not only is it inviting, it does invite the guest to take a cupcake or two before the ceremonious slicing moment takes place. That is, if you have very eager guests.

Aside from the dazzling look, you get the raspberry mouse to accompany the salivating butter-cream icing on the cake.

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Number 2: White Chocolate Sea Shells Cake

This is perfect for your beach-side wedding, or a wedding that is located near the water. This cake is draped with a triple tier of yummy chocolate buttermilk cake with chocolate mouse and raspberries to pep up the cake’s look. Not that it needed it.

The tropical look comes alive, when the white chocolate seashell that layer around the cake is added.

While you are enjoying that breeze that is rolling in from the waves, get a look at wave design on the cake from the gumpaste. Top that off with the royal icing coral and glittery pearl dust that just perfectly captures a wedding by the ocean.

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Number 1: Chocolate Optical Illusion Wedding Cake

No, it is not an optical illusion that the beautiful bride is marrying the groom you can’t stand, and neither is this cake. In name only, the Chocolate Optical Illusion Cake, gives you both fun and mouth watering appeal.

The recipe is quite straight-forward, but the design is brilliant.

It’s triple tiered wedding cake met with glassy butter-cream frosting using three natural tones of modeling chocolate, which is precisely how the cake becomes a cube illusion.

Throwing in some fabric flower to dandy up the top of the cake, those are made by rolled modeling chocolate as well.

This may come out as a “basic” color concept, but the design and how it is etched is what gives this wedding cake it’s uniqueness.

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For those who are about jumping the gun and tie the knot, why not spice it up a little? This is your big day and hopefully the last time you will be a single again.

For those who want to create memories, check out these designs, and add your own little twist. You never know, with the help of a pastry chef or cake designer, your cake could one day be featured as one of three best wedding cakes around.


Cost Friendly Wedding Cakes

Weddings are the beginning of a couple’s life together. It signifies the end of their separate lives and the start of their journey together. This is the reason why weddings are usually grand and festive. And with a once-in-a-lifetime celebration like this one, it is only proper that couples spend a lot of money for all that will be used and consumed throughout the ceremony. Among the things that will be prepared for, wedding cakes are usually the ones that get a lot of attention. This is only proper since the cake will by the symbolic centrepiece of the wedding. So when you get those pictures of wedding cakes, does it occur to you the costs that may arise when you decide on one?

Weddings don’t always have to be extravagant celebrations. There are ways wherein you can cut costs, most notably on the cake. Not everyone can afford designer cakes, so it is only fitting that you get cheaper substitutes. For instance, when going for a smaller wedding with only about one hundred people in reception, it might be a good idea if you go for a smaller cake. A three-tier cake will do since you won’t have a lot of people indulging in it anyway. Also, keep in mind that in weddings, not a lot of people will actually eat the cake. Whether it’s common tradition to leave it unscathed for the newlyweds or people just think of it as a way to respect the wedding, expect your cake to be nothing more than an accessory in the buffet table. If you’d like, just get a simple multi-layered, vanilla-frosted cake for your wedding. Then put your own touch of decorations on the cake. This will help you get a hold of the costs of the cake.

If you do have the skill, you can decorate the cake on your own. In some instances that you don’t, ask for someone you know who can help you out. In fact, turn this into a fun affair for the bridesmaids instead. It’s always better to do something in a group, especially if it involves something like this. Design your cakes with edible laces and flowers. It doesn’t have to be pretty; it just has to be right. Finally, a wedding cake is never complete without wedding cake toppers. Again, for those with the skill in the arts, why not try making your own toppers? Build a paper mache of your little bride and groom instead of buying those costly wax figures.

Keeping your wedding cakes cheap is all in how you make it. Bring out your creative side!


Cake Pops look really very yummy and mouthwatering. Let’s see How to Make Cake Pops.

1) Firstly, bake a cake of any flavour you like. Or you can use the BabyCakes Pop Maker to make your life easier and skip directly to Step 5.
2) Then crush the cake and add 2 cups of frosting to it.
3) Then mix the cake and frosting to form Cake Pop batter.
4) Make small balls from the batter. This forms the basis of your cake pop shape. So if you want you can also use different moulds.

5) After your done forming balls put them in the freezer for an hour or so.
6) Now while they freeze, let’s get ready with Candy Melts. Melt them in Microwave or Chocolate Melting Machine.
7) Finally, take out the cake pop balls from the fridge and take a lollipop stick and first dip it into melted chocolate.
8) Then, poke 2/3 of it in the cake pop ball. Make sure you don’t break through the cake ball.
9) Dip the cake pop ball in the melted chocolate, making sure it’s entirely covered with melted chocolate.
10) Let the excess chocolate drip off the cake pop, to avoid the unwanted mess.
11) Allow the chocolate to cool down and set properly.
12) You can also add your own flavours and textures with cake decorating the set.
13) And here it is. Ready to eat yummy cake pops.



Atlanta Wedding Cake
The magnificence of any Atlanta wedding venue would not give a feel of completeness unless the decorations, music, food, outfits and of course, wedding cake does not compliment it. Hence, when ordering the cake, you must let the professionals guide you through to the best.
From colours, flavours and texture to the size and appearance of your wedding cake, do not forget to talk it out with the experts. It is only then that you would have the wedding cake worth million memories.